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8 1800s 18th century 7 tulip heads 90mm tamron. abbey abbots toilet above abstract access acoustic activity adorable adventure aegean afternoon aged agricultural agriculture ailsa craig alberta alloway alloway ayr alone amazing amazing bird duck amor anchor ancient ancient bridge ancient castle ancient defences ancient ruins ancient scottish ancient stream angle angus animal animal bird animal fun animal fun bird animal nature animal view animal wild bird animals anniversary annual antique april arbroath arc arch archaeological archaeology arched architectural architectural detail architecture architecture and buildings archway archways ardrossan aroma arran arran hills arran hills in distance arran hills in snow arran hills in snow. arran in distance arranged arrangement art artisan artistic artwork atlantic atlas atmosphere atmospheric attraction attractive audio auld auld kirk auld simon autum colours autumn autumn background autumn landscape autumn leaves autumnal avantgarde avian ayr ayr. ayre ayrshire baby baby animals background backgrounds backpack banks barassie bard barnweil hill barnweil tower baron moorland bars bars on windows basilica bay beach beached beak beautiful beautiful ancient buildings beautiful ancient white hotel buildings. beauty behind bushes belief bell bell tower ben chonzie bench berrys bill birch bird bird animal bird funny bird image bird in park bird laugh bird laughing bird view birdnest birds birdwatching birthday birthplace black black bac ground black background black rocks blank bloom blooming blooms blossom blue blue cloudy sky blue green blue pink sky's blue sea blue sea cold blue sea blue sky blue sky's blue skys blue water blues boat boat on its side boats tied to jetty body bokeh border botanical botany bottom bouancy markers boulders bouquet bowl boy branch branches braveheart brick bridge brig brig o' doon bright britain british brodick broken broughty brown brown earth brown feathers brown field brown fields brown heather bud buds build building buildings bunch bunch of tulips bunches of tulips buns burial burn burns burns cottage burns country bury bush bushes business callistephus calm calm image calm images calm scene calmness calton candy card carnation carnations carnations in back ground carving castle castle at end of cliff castle scape castle semple castles catacol category a listed building categoryalisted building cathedral catholic cattle drovers caution celebration cemetary cemetery center central centre chapel chick child childhood children choppy choppy sea choppy water chords christian christianity chrysanthemum chrysanthemums church churchyard city cityscape class classic classical clean image climb climber climbing clipping path clock close macro close up close work closed petals closeup cloud clouds cloudy cloudy day clyde clyde estury coal mounds coast coastal coastal scenery coastal scenic coastline cobble cobblestone cold cold colours cold day cold sun rise cold weather coldc weather collapse color colored duck bird colorful colors colour colourful colours compositions computer concept concrete congres congress construction contemporary contrast convention corridor cosmetics costume cottage country country houses countryside course course moorland craft craftsmanship crags crane cranes creative creativity creek crieff crimea cross crude crypts cultivated culture cumbrae's cumbrae's in the distance cumbraes curve cute cutout dahlia daisy dalry moor road dalry road moor dangerous dark dark sky's date daytime dead dead grass death declaration decor decoration decorative dedicated definite derelict ruins derrick design desire destination detail development devout dew dianthus dilapidated dilapidation distance distant shore line district divine dock doon door doorway drake dramatic clouds dramatic sky dramatic skys dressing dressup drill driller drilling dry dry stone dyke dry stone wall duck duck bird duck bird funny duck bird image duck bird picture duck bird view duck tails duckbills ducks dundee dundonald dundonald ayrshire dundonald castle dunkeld dunure burns country. dunure burns country.burns monument ayr. dunure burns country.old kirk alloway dunure castle. dwelling dynamic eat edwardian eglinton eglinton castle eglinton park irvine elder elegant eleven swans empty energy engagement engineering england enter entertainment entrance entrance to field entry environment episcopal equipment estate estuary europe european evangelical evening evening glow evening sun onto back of castle event ewan mcgregor birthplace excitement exploration exterior exteriors external extreme facade fairlie fairlie moor faith fall famous fancy fantastic bird fantasy far distance farm farmers field farming farmland fauna feather feathers feeding feelings fence ferry field fields fine fish fishing fishing from pier flag flat flood floodplain flora floral flores florist flow flower flower garden flower head and stem in natural light flower head and stem isolated in natural light flower heads flower heads in close flower petal.white flower type flowerhead flowering petals flowers flowers. flowing fluffy focus stacks fog fog house foilage foilage cep4 foliage folk footpath foreground forest forestry forge form forrest forrest carving fort fortress four four green leeves on stem fragile fragility freedom fresh freshness friends fuel fun funeral funny funny animal furry g sky game gamebird garden gardening gardens gas gasoline gate gb generated gentle genuine geometry ghost ghostly gift glade glass glen glen turret gloomy glorious goatfell god golf gothic gothic design gothic towers gothic windows gothick style gourock granite graphic grass grasses grave gravestone graveyard gray gray clouds gray colours gray stone grazing great great britain greece green green bushes green fields green grass green stem green stems green trees greenan castle greenery greenock greenock town greeting grey grey feathers grey stone grey stone built grey stone walls ground group grouped in centre grouse guitar gull halloween handicraft handle happy harbor harbour harbour wall harmony having head headstone healthy heart heather heavenly heavy folage heritage hewn high highland highlands hike hiker hiking hill hills hills in back ground hills in the distance hills with snow hillside hispanic historic historic scotland historic town historical history holiday holy home home flowers horizon horizontal horticulture hot house houses housing schemes hunting hurtles idea idyllic imagination impressive flower impressive flower head in in gardens in river independence industrial industry industyry infant infers sincerity infinity infrastructure inside inspiring flower head instrument interior intricate irish iron ironwork irvine island isle isles isolate isolated isolated black background isolation jack jackup jacobite jetty journey jubilation jungle keywords king kingdom kinross kirk knock lagopus lagopus lagopus scoticus lake land landmark landscape landscape morning largs largs pencil latino latvia lawn leaf leafs leaves leisure level life light light cloud lighthouse lilac line linear disigned linear shape literature loch lochwinnoch london lonely lonely flower long long exposure look looking looking up love lovely low lugton water lunderston bay lush lylehill gourock. machinery macro magazines magenta magic maintenance majestic male mallard mallard duck bird mallards mallards.duckbill man many march marguerite marina marine maritime marriage masonry masts may meadow medieval melody memorial memory metal metallic middle ages mika millport misty water over stones mixed modern montpellier of scotland monument moody moor mooring moorland moors morning mortar moss moss on rocks mother mothers motor boat mountain mountains multi multi coloured tulip heads on a black back ground multi coloured tulips and stems multi coloured tulips on a black back ground museum music musical muthil mystic mystical nation national national bard nationalism natural natural light nature nautical near ayr near dundonald south ayrshire nest nestling nice feeling flower nikon 24120mm no shadows nobody north north ayrshire notice november o object objects occasion ocean october of offshore offspring oil oilfield oilrig old auchens castle old auchens house old buildings old scotland on on oak table one open mouth open petals opened mouth or the barnweil monument orange orange beek orange duck legs ornamental ornate ornithology outdoor outdoor flowers outdoors outlook outside overgrown oxygen palace palais pane panel panorama panoramic parish of craigie park parkland part passage passenger passion pastel path paths pathway. pattern pause pavement peace peaceful peacful peak peaks peaks of hills pencil mpnument peninsula pension people perched persian person perth perthshire petal petals petroleum photography picturesque pier pile pile lighhouse pile light pile marker pilon structure pines pink pink flowers pink rhododendron pink roses pink sky piperdam lake pitlochry place places plain plant plants platform playing poem poet pollen pond pontoons port portencross portencross castle portrait posing postcard postmodern posy power pray present pretend pretty print production profile prominent location proposal protected proud purple quack quay queen quiet railroad rain range ready real rebellion recreation red red and yellow tulip red berrys red flowers red grouse red rhododendron red roses red sand red yellow tulip red yellow tulip head isolated red yellow tulip with a gren stem reflection reflection in water reflections reflections in the warer reflections in the water reflections on water reformation relation relax relaxing relic religion religious remains renaissance renewables renewal renfrewshire reservoir residential resonant resource retirement retro rhododendron rhododendron bushes by the water rich rig rise river river bank. river clyde river fourth road roads roadway rob roy film robby robert robert burns rock rocks rocky romance romantic roof roof tops rope rosa rose rosebud roseheads roses roses on wall rosy rough round flower round petal round petals row rozelle centre ayr rozelle park ruffed ruin ruination ruins rural rustic s sacred sacrosanct sad saddle said to be haunted sail sailboat saint saltire sand saronic scarecrows scene scenery scenery stunning scenic scoticus scotland scotland history scotlands history scotlands legend scots scottish scottish birds scottish castle scottish castles scottish flag scottish health resorts scottish history scottish legend scottish scenery scottish scenic scottish terraced scottish town scottish wildlife sea sea defences seabird seafront seagull seamill seamill beach. seamillcountryside seas seascape season seasonal seasons secret secure security seeting semple sepia serene seven tulip heads shadow shadows shanter shape shelter ship ship yards shipyard shooting shore shoreline shot show side sidewalk siege sights sign simplicity sing single single story single tulip head green stem single white swan single yacht sintra sir william wallace site site design six tulips on oak table sky sky's skyline skys slope slopes slopes of knock hill small doors small motor boat small windows smell smiling smooth water snow snuggled together soft soft light soft light on petal. shadows soft reflective shadow behind flower head soft shadow soft yellow shadow sombre song sound south ayrshire span spanish special spire spires spirit spiritual spirituality spooky spooky old ruins spring springy spruce spruce tree square st st john's kirk stacked. stage stained staircase stairs stairway to heaven stake stalk stamen stand staring stately statue steel steeple steeples stem stems step stereotypically stone stone wall stones storm stormy straight path strange strathclyde straw stream street streetlight string stronghold structure stud student studio style summer sun sun behind building sun behind ruins sun flare through ruins windows sun reflecting on building sun rise sun set sunlight sunny sunset surf surface surprise swans sweets swimming symbol symmetrical symmetry tall tam tanker tay tay estuary tayport tayport harbour tayport pile light technology tender terrace terraced terrain texture thatched roof the wallace tower theme theology thick three three red and three pink tulip heads three tulip heads tide time tint tinted glass tinted windows tinting toilet tombstone top tough tourism tourist tourist destination touristic tournament bridge tower town townhouse towns townscape traditional tralee tranquil tranquility transparency transparent transport transportation travel treat tree tree lined trees trekking trick troon trump trunk tulip tulip head on its own tulip heads tulip in natural light tulips tulips and stems tulips in linear position tunnel turbine turnberry turret twilight two wind turbines txtured white back ground type of flower typical typically uk ukraine underground unique united united kingdom up uplifting upper upwards urban vacation valentine valentines vase vegetation velvet vertical vessel vibrance vibrant victorian village vintage violet vivid walk walking walkway wall wallace wallace's monument wallpaper warm warm colours warm coloursspruce tree warm evening light watching water water lapping at its side waterbird waterfall waterfowl wave waves weather weathered web design wedding weed weld well west west coast west kilbride west of scotland western western europe whispy clouds white white carnation white cloud white clouds white clouds in the distance white d610 white cloudsyacht white flower white lighthouse white lighthouse with chimneys white lighthouse with chimneys. white rhododendron white roses whitewashed walls wierd trees wild wild bird animal wild duck bird wilderness wildfowl wildlife william wallace wind turbines wind turbines in distance window windows wing winter winter effect on moorland winter gray winter heather winter theme witch wood wooden wooden piers woodland woods worker world locations world travel worship wrought yacht with mast yacht with mast no sale yachts yards yellow yellow and orange tulip yellow and orange tulip head. yellow and orange tulip. neatly trimmed stems yellow8 young